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Are you a resident or business in NSW?

The New South Wales ESS (Energy Savings Scheme) is a sustainable initiative delivered by the NSW Government that subsidises energy-efficient products for residential and commercial properties. We are proudly partnered with Glower, an Accredited Provider licensed to install all products under the scheme.

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Who are we?

At BEE Carbon Conscious, it is our mission to help Australian households and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills with upgraded energy-efficient products, subsidised by the government and installed by an Accredited Provider.


Our NSW partners




Which products can you claim?


LED Lights

All globes are FREE, installation is just $33. Upgrade every single light in your home.

  • Installed by local electricians

  • Brighter than most existing globes

  • Emits 65% less heat

  • Does not contain mercury or harmful gases

  • No maximum globe amount, upgrade as many as you would like.


Hot water systems

Upgrade your hot water system and use up to 80% less energy

f you have an electric hot water system installed outside, then you are eligible to have an energy-efficient hot water system installed for as little as $33. It\’s that simple.

  • Quality design

  • Less maintenance

  • Made for Australian climate

  • Longer life-span

  • Better safety

  • Installed by licensed electricians and plumbers

Tenant Disclaimer:

Tenants are legally permitted to take part in the program without requiring permission from their landlord or agent. All products are non-invasive and rental-friendly.

Frequently asked questions:

  • There is no catch. Large energy retailers such as AGL and Origin are required to reduce their carbon footprint to meet the annual energy targets set under VIC/NSW legislation. They do this by acquiring Energy Saving Certificates (ESC). We create these ESCs by replacing inefficient lighting with LEDs, then sell them directly to the energy retailers for surrender. These ESCs cover the costs of all the products we install.

  • The Victorian and NSW Government has introduced the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) and NSW Energy Savings (ESS) Programs to reduce greenhouse gases and lower electricity bills. Each government sets legislation that obligates large energy retailers to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing the Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) generated by your energy-efficiency upgrades.

    For more information on the programs you can visit:



  • Yes, all products come with a two-year warranty and will be replaced or repaired for free if necessary.

  • You can speak to an Energy Efficiency Consultant at: (03) 9917 8541

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Join over 35,000 renters, homeowners and business owners who have made the switch to energy-saving products through the ESS Program.

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