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Georgia Martin

Georgia’s passion for food and wine lead her to beginning her PR journey with wineries and fine-dining restaurants around Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Her attention to detail and creative intuition along with a desire for perfection ensures our work is of a consistently high standard.

Georgia also excels in the creation of video content, kick-starting BEE’s journey producing UGC for our clients.



Andrea Daza

By day, Andrea manages our operations. By night she is a life coach, helping women around the world to empower themselves and live a purposeful life with intention.
Andrea’s background in marketing and executive coaching combined with her passion for working with people has lead her here, where she works directly with our clients and staff to ensure we continue running like a well-oiled machine.



Catalina Otalora

Previously a practicing lawyer in Colombia, Catalina is passionate about empowering others. After travelling to Australia and gaining 3 years of experience in Human Resources, she now thrives within her role as our Field Manager.

Catalina’s ability to recruit talented, hard-working team members and keep them highly motivated is truly admirable.



Mateo Patino

Mateo began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age after studying International Business and Accounting. He went on to specialise in marketing and lead generation, taking on clients in South America and the United States. Eventually he settled in Australia, where he grew a team of over 45 people.

Mateo now runs multiple businesses, operating in Victoria and New South Wales as well as overseas. He is always on the hunt for new opportunities, endeavouring to learn as much as he can along the way.



Amalia Mendoza

Amalia’s passion for sustainability lead her to becoming an environmental engineer and environmental assistant. These core values perfectly align with the mission of BEE Carbon Conscious, which Amalia plays a vital role in running.

With 6 years of experience in customer service, sales and operations management, along with her ability to inspire the team to reach their full potential, Amalia is an invaluable asset to BEE.



Sergio Montero

With over 8 years of experience in sales and a background in Personal Development coaching, Sergio is a shining star in our team training programs. His relentlessly positive attitude and leadership is invaluable when it comes to keeping the team motivated.

Mental health and wellbeing is of the upmost importance to BEE and Sergio plays an integral role in checking in with the team on a regular basis.



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